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Bish Design Company is an outlet for me to provide stoke, product development, design, promotional materials, and exposure for downhill skateboarding, longboarding, and other action sports.

I started an LLC to help manage and promote my lifestyle, creations, and ideas. It’s simply a way for me to buy and sell merchandise, as well as promote myself professionally to reach a larger audience.

The downhill skateboarding world is a niche that I love so dearly, and I feel like it deserves more credit than it is receiving as of right now. I have a few years of architectural education under my belt, which I incorporate into all of my projects and designs. My goal is to spread my passion of downhill skateboarding through inspiration and design.

However, I want to avoid any egotistical business strategies here. I want to provide products that any skater would appreciate, understand, and derive stoke from. Whether you’re a kid who watches videos and skates once a week, or if you’re one of my homies who I see at every event. We are all skaters at heart, and I want to study, discover, and encourage that passion throughout my designs.
Products, goodies, freebees, high fives, and good times to come.

As Johnny Tsunami once said, it’s time to go big or go home.

Any support, stoke, and positive vibes are greatly appreciated.
- Bish